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19MM WIDE DOG COLLARS - Made from Reflective Biothane.



Small Dog/Puppy Reflective Dog Collars

  • 19mm in width and 37cm long - ideal for puppies/small dogs.

    The length of the 38cm collar from the top of the buckle to the first hole (smallest length) is approx. 28cm and from the buckle to the last hole (large length) is 36cm approx.


    • The reflective collar is made with BioThane Beta PVC coated webbing and has a reflective strip that runs the entire length of the collar. It is a PVC coating over high strength polyester webbing core which allows this collar to remain soft and flexible down to -20 degree temps.
    • The reflective strip features Edgeguard technology that protects the edges of the strip from abrasion and produces stronger adhesion to the webbing.
    • It has the feel of soft leather with the added benefits of being a durable, waterproof non-porous material that does not absorb odors or stains and is easy to clean with soap and warm water.
    • The highly reflective strip reflects the available light to increase visibility and safety for your dog in low light conditions.

    * I can make collars to any length you require. Please message me for custom orders.

    *All items are handmade by myself so there could be a very slight variation in length.

    *Please message me if the particular colour you would like is 'Out of Stock' - It is likely that I will have the colour but just don't have the collars premade and added to the website.

    *The length of our 25mm collars are based on the size of an average kelpie.

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