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Velcro Whelping Collars -

Available in S & L

Size S: Length 20cm - pack of 12

Size L: Length 34cm - pack of 12

$8.00 for 1 pack of 12.

- These are made from strips of soft fabric, the velcro wrap-around and are easy to adjust as the puppy or kitten grows.

- They are designed to aid breeders to identify each newborn puppy/kitten from birth until the time they leave for their new home. They are of particular help when the  litter are identical looking and have no distinguishing markings or coat colours.

- The bright colours make it easy to keep track of each puppy or kitten's weight gain as they develop, to check appropriate food consumption at feeding time, and monitor health. - The different colours can also make puppy/kitten selection and matching to their future owners that much more accurate.

- The bands should be wrapped straight around so that it attaches properly. Doing so will help prevent the bands from poking the puppy; and picking up lint or hair.

Velcro Puppy Whelping/ID Collars

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