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Multi-purpose Ties - Made from Biothane, Double Snap Clips.

Multi-purpose Ties (Ute tie) Double Snap Clip

PriceFrom $21.50
  • Our multi-purpose ties (also known as ute ties) are made using high quality biothane strapping and are 50cm long and available in 19mm and 25mm wide strapping.

    They have swivel snap clips on either end which are secured by 4 silver rivets (25mm wide) or 3 rivets. (19mm wide)

    Choose between Silver, Black and Neo (rainbow) Snap Clips.

    Biothane strapping is hardwearing, durable, easy to clean and waterproof. Its soft coating with leather embossing gives it a leather like and low gloss appearance.

    *Please note - These are approximate measurements.
    As all items are handmade - there could be a very slight variation to the positioning of the holes affecting the accuracy of measurements.

    Please message us via Facbook or via e-mail at if the colour you would like is listed as 'Out of Stock' - I often have extra stock in the workshop.

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